Here’s a piece of information that I’m sure all of you intelligent Fashionistas already know: fashion is a form of self expression. Fashion helps us express our emotions, take risks and  find out more about ourselves. Although all of this information has been embedded into our fashion-forward brains, we sometimes brush them off to the side, however it’s important to remember the endless amount of opportunities that fashion affords us. This week’s Fashionista showed no signs of holding back. Between her wild pants and her unique arrangement of jewelry, it’s clear she knows how to express herself.

Name: Ashley Casella

Major: Undecided

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Ashley Casella: I’m wearing a blue Dress The Population top and wide leg pants by Gab & Kate. The fun floppy hat is by David&Young and my bag is by Rebecca Minkoff. All my necklaces, bracelets and rings are from trendy boutiques in Colorado and New York City.

CF: What are your favorite trends for summer 2013?

AC: My favorite summer trends are long maxi dresses, bell bottom pants, flower headpieces and vintage band T-shirts. Also, I absolutely love crochet and fringe for this summer. I love wearing a crochet tank top with a long maxi skirt and pairing it with a fabulous, pastel bag!

CF: It looks like jewelry is a big part of your style. What pieces do you make sure to put on before leaving the house?

AC: I always wear my butterfly and moon necklace by Jennifer Zeuner. Those are my two must wear pieces along with my handmade beaded bracelets from Etsy. I never leave the house without these pieces. 

CF: A lot of women claim that wide leg pants aren’t right for their body type. What are you tips to those resistant to trying them?

AC: First off, you must be confident. Confidence is the key when it comes to fashion. You can wear whatever you want, however you want, as long as you believe in yourself. Wide leg pants come in various styles and materials. Try different materials to see which type you feel is most flattering for your body. You might not find the right pair during your first shopping visit, but give it time and you’ll definitely find the right pair.

How To: Wide leg pants are huge this season so finding a fun and colorful pair wouldn’t be hard at all. Since there’s a lot going on with the pants, it’s best to try something simple on top. For example, a racerback white crop top. The opportunities are endless when it comes to jewelry. Since arm candy is essential to this look, try creating a set of stacked bracelets that complements you as well as your outfit.

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