Observation. That is how trends take off. When I was in high school I was interviewing a designer from Target Corporate. The office was silent; everyone was gone. He told me the crew was in Europe style watching. They would go to local coffee shops, bring cameras and sketch books to capture what would soon hit the United States. This Fashionista is ahead of the curve.

Name: Bridget Burkard

Major: Communications

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Bridget Burkard: A mix between bohemian and nautical with a vintage twist and “girly detail.” I am a broke college girl so the “vintage twist” comes  from the Goodwill hunting. I love buying old high-waisted Levi’s and cutting them into shorts for only $4.

CF: Whats been your inspiration for your style?

BB: Mixing ideas I see from magazines or when I travel seem to get me the most inspired. If I see someone walking down the street with something I like and haven’t seen before, I am inclined to recreate it for myself. It’s always fun to be one of the first one wearing something trendy. I also like to look back at what my mom used to wear in the 80’s. I have done this ever since I was in 4th grade. I remember walking into class with leg warmers  and everyone looking at me like I was crazy. But I thought they were cool and I liked that no one else wore them.

CF: If you could take over anyone’s closet who would it be and why?

BB:  I would choose Lana Del Rey. It seems like she enjoys playing dress up as much as I do. She also likes to wear clothes from other decades. I know I would never get bored with her style. Once I saw her in the LAX airport wearing a green suit from the sixties. I think my grandma wore the same one to my cousins wedding…the crazy thing is I love taking my grandmas old blouses!

CF: What is next on your shopping list?

BB:  Boyfriend fit shorts, white converse kicks, weaved Sperry Top-Siders, ballet flats with a strap and light washed jeans with an elastic band around the ankles- basics that I observed the Europeans wearing while I was in Europe for a month (minus the Sperrys).

CF: What has been your favorite trend?

BB:  My favorite trend has been the flower headbands. I just got two new ones but they’re in stores everywhere now. I like them because it looks like I just spent the day tying flowers in knots and strung them around my head. I actually did this as a kid quite often so I thought this trend was made for me.

How To: Capture this Fashionista’s look by working with one color in an outfit. Use a dark shade for the bottom and lighter shade for the top. Her shorts are button-fly Levi Brand Jeans high-waisted shorts and her sweater and cross necklace are Forever 21.

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