Some Fashionistas tend to look as though they have stepped back in time. They revive spirits from previous decades and revolve the fashion wheel into current trends. Looking back can give great insight to what is coming in the future. Updating previous trends with modern accents are a great way to keep ahead of the fashion cycle.

This Fashionista looks back to the ’60s for her fashion inspiration. Her outfit is a tribute towards those rebellious boho years. These tribal and decorative prints are great options for an alternative summer sundress. Denim is a material that works on anything, especially when summer rolls around. It’s a fabric that is versatile for almost any garment. When fashioned into a dress, denim becomes more up-beat while still remaining refined and casual. All together this Fashionista carries over ’60s into the current day, while still looking as though she is ready to step back into Woodstock. Even her round sunglasses could be a tribute to fashion and music icon, John Lennon.

Name: Carly Bertozzi

Major: Communications

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How do you keep cool during the summer?

Carly Bertozzi: Sundresses are the key!

CF: What is your favorite fashion era?

CB: I always get my inspiration from the ’60s. It’s free-spirited fashion.

CF: What is your must-have summer item?

CB: Sunglasses! It’s the best accessory to own. They change any outfit to dress it up or down. 

How To: To relive the past and circle back fashions, steer your wardrobe towards a more boho, relaxed side. Looser fitting clothing and draping will show off a more creative laid-back look. Tribal prints and vintage finds will all combine flawlessly to revive the hippie era. This summer shoes have turned towards comfort and cuteness. Sneakers are no longer the second option on a lazy day, but rather a fashion statement. The sky is the limit when it comes to these shoes. There is no shortage of style or color, so get creative and pair it with any style on top. Currently trending, sneaker and heel have finally combined for a comfortable statement, with a couple extra inches. No need to suffer blisters when you can be stylish and kind to your feet!

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