Shorts are always a staple item in everyone’s summer wardrobe. However, this summer’s denim shorts trends include the unique styles and vibrant colors you can find them in. Whether they are high-waisted, ombré, two-toned or hot pink, there are so many styles to choose from.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. But what made her outfit really stand out was the two-tone denim. With one side blue and the other side purple, this Fashionista shows how easy it is to pull of this one of a kind trend.

Name: Carly Futterman

Major: Occupational Therapy

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Describe the outfit your wearing. Where is everything from?

Carly Futterman: My top is from Urban Outfitters. My shorts are from a boutique down the shore called Jenna & Zoey. My sandals are Dolce Vita and my bracelets are from Alex and Ani.

CF: What influences your personal style?

CF: Comfort definitely plays a factor in the clothes I choose to wear. The saying “pain is beauty” doesn’t exactly pertain to me. If it’s comfy, I’ll wear it. If it’s cute and comfy, well that’s just a win win.

CF: Where do you shop for your clothes?

CF: I shop mostly at boutiques such as Gypsy Warrior or Femmebot. I also shop at Brandy Melville and Nordstrom. Basically my entire wardrobe can be found between all those stores.

CF: What is your go to trend for this summer?

CF: My go to trend this summer is definitely maxi dresses. A much as I love a simple shorts and tank outfit, maxi dresses are my new go to outfit. It’s one article of clothing so you never have to go through that struggle of trying to find something that matches or makes an outfit. Instead, I go for an interesting patterned maxi and pair it with a necklace and cute flats, which automatically make the outfit more dressed up rather then spending three hours on any other outfit.

How To: The most important item in this Fashionista’s look are the denim shorts. Choose a pair of shorts with an unique pattern, color or style. Next, add a simple tank top to balance the look. Finish off the outfit with a pair of simple sandals and layered bracelets.

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