What people don’t realize about dresses is how easy they are. No layering is necessary, it’s one piece and voilà you look more put together than any pant and top combo with jewelry. This Fashionista was spotted on a day errands wearing a sheer maxi dress and flats.

Name: Cassidy Peterson

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Cassidy Peterson: I would describe my style as leggy with a statement. I’m pretty tall for a girl so I like to turn my legs into an asset for my outfits. I’m also constantly active so I like clothes that are comfortable to move around in whether that means workout clothes or dresses; just something that allows motion.

CF: What’s been your inspiration for your style?

CP:  My style is inspired by anyone who is wearing an outfit I think I could pull off. I’ll admit I won’t be the one to research fashion and be the first to wear it. I start off small with accessories. Honestly, walking anywhere on campus is a great place to be inspired because there are so many people with different fashion ideas! My campus is very diverse with many students study abroad her so I see a large variety of style.

CF: If you could take over anyone’s closet who would it be and why?

CP: Blake Lively, because we’re the same height and size. Let’s be honest, she always looks good in all of her clothes. Even back in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, she was an idol wearing a tank and shorts.

CF: What is next on your shopping list?

CP: Well, I’m going to New York in August…so whatever the first thing is that catches my eye there! Whether it’s a handbag or jacket, my eyes will be peeled for fall’s trends.

CF: What has been your favorite trend?

CP: A pair of huge diamond earring studs. It brings sparkle to your face and works with any outfit. Costume jewelry is acceptable at this age.

How To: The search for the perfect maxi dress is not always accomplished in a day. There are many lengths, textures and prints. This Fashionista found hers in a boutique while on spring break for less than $50. Look for something to break up the length whether with a high-low or a sheer bottom. Pair the maxi with a contrasting color shoe for casual day wear.

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