Maxi dresses are a big hit this summer. My favorite types of maxi dresses are ones with a cool pattern on them. The way this Fashionista wore her maxi dress caught my eye. She looks very simple and elegant. The Fashionista was wearing a long tribal patterned maxi dress paired with simple, black sandals. The print on the maxi dress makes enough of a statement that she didn’t need any accessories. Her hair is pulled up into a bun. This hair-do was a great choice because it exposes her neck and shoulders. Exposing these parts of your body give your look a more graceful and classy vibe. Overall, this is one of my favorite looks. It’s great for going to class on a warm day. Learn more about this gal below.

Name: Cecilia Donnelly

Year: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Ed

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look?

Cecilia Donnelly: I’ve been really into maxi dresses for a while now. I always wear them because they are so comfy. This is one of my everyday looks. I always put on a maxi, grab my hair up and go.

CF: What is your favorite accessory for the summer?

CD: I always carry a pair of sunglasses everywhere I go.

CF:  What are some of your favorite places to shop at?

CD: I really like online shopping. I shop at sites like NASTY GAL, ModCloth and ASOS a lot. 

CF: How would you describe your daily look?

CD: I would say laid-back and casual. During the summer I always put on less than I would in the winter. My makeup in the wintertime is always heavier than in the summer. Right now, all I do is just dab on a bit of concealer and gloss and I am out the door.

How To: Replicating this Fashionista’s look is very easy. When choosing a maxi dress I would go with one that has a cool design. This one is from ASOS is very chic and simple.  Since the maxi dress’s pattern already makes a statement, you can go ahead and forgo the accessories. For shoes, I would choose a pair like these sandals from Urban Outfitters. Now that the outfit is complete just put your hair in a cute bun, dab on some gloss, a bit of mascara and you are good to go!


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