What with the delegation of beauty and fashion to very separate corners of the universe it makes sense that Fashionistas tend to place their focus on one over the other depending on the day. All black everything can be paired with a bold lip while the perfectly put-together ensemble requires basic make-up at best. Integrating the two has almost disappeared or worse, become as matchy-matchy as sweater sets. This Fashionista went the extra step we have all been looking for, pairing a bold lip with an appropriately wintery look that wove together the best of beauty and fashion. The Norwegians would no doubt be proud that their sweaters were worn so well.

Name: Chloe Karaskiewicz

Major: Psychology and French

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Chloe Karaskiewicz: You can’t really tell today but I’m inspired by simply chic designers like Calvin Klein and Vera Wang. Their looks are feminine but without the frills: they’re modern but with classic, well cut and flattering silhouettes. I’m also completely in love with Raf Simons for Dior. He’s a genius at integrating the House’s classic glamor and femininity with the modern woman’s lifestyle. His pieces would make anyone feel beautiful.

CF: What’s your favorite part of your outfit?

CK: I have to say my scarf. I saw the color and it was all over.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

CK: Classy and comfortable. After studying in France, most of the color disappeared from my closet. I think my looks are mostly just very clean cut with minimal accessories, frills, or fuss. I also wear a lot of men’s sweaters. I think women’s fashion is more design-centric and we’ve sacrificed a lot of quality but men’s fabrics are usually a lot richer because they insist on being comfortable and wearing soft, broken-in clothes.

CF: How do you stay fashionable in the freezing cold?

CK: Wool. I like soft and comfortable layers with warm fabrics. Really great sweaters have been on the market this year. I’m developing a collection— or an addiction.

How To:  Take note of this Fashionista’s minimalist mentality when melding your beauty looks with your outfit. Think about the colors before you add more. If you are wearing a brightly patterned sweater don’t pull out the biggest swatch of color. Instead pull out a small detail color to highlight in your make-up and make both pop. An easier intro is to be inspired by the pieces closest to the face. Throw on a print scarf and pick up the color in a lip stain. Just remember that winter washes you out so don’t go too dark! Base the rest of the look around chic neutrals that won’t detract from the main color. This Fashionista’s light cords and black accents highlight the color without turning her look into a kaleidoscope. Start challenging yourself to integrate your outfit and make up once a week and you’ll stop choosing between the two in no time!

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