Take one look at this Fashionista and she’ll have you dropping your black, neon and mixed prints from your outfit line up. I would know because I’m doing so myself, yearning to match her simple and clean aura. It’s refreshing to the eyes and considerate of the summer struggle to stay cool. Though the light color scheme isn’t all I prize. She has not one, not two but three classic feminine ingredients in this one outfit: polka-dots, bows and lace. Incorporating all three initially sounds like too much, but as you can see this Fashionista knows minimal. For anybody like me or Anna Sui you know how difficult it is to step away from those vivid prints and colors.

Name: Deanna Le

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Clinical

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: I noticed little glints of gold peeking through your hair. Where’d you find your earrings?

Deanna Le: I got them from my boyfriend. He got them from Costco for $140.

CF: What’s the best way to describe your style?

DL: Vintage, but I also like to shop at Forever 21.

CF: Are there any specific people who influence how you dress?

DL: I get most of my clothes or ideas from my sister. She’s five years older than me so I sometimes ask her for opinions.

CF: Shorts are pretty much a necessity in the summer. What kinds are you drawn to?

DL: I like solid colors but I’m also in a print phase right now, like polka-dots and stripes. Never animal prints—I do not like them!

CF: Do you feel pressure to change up your wardrobe now that you’re in college?

DL: No, I’m going to stick to what I’m doing.

How To: If you want this subtle girly attire, find a plain tank. This week’s Fashionista loves Forever 21 and I’ll happily join the rally to advocate their cheap, quality tanks that are offered in an assortment of colors. Remember that simplicity is key so don’t go too wild when choosing your shorts. We’ve already established that polka-dots are the perfect fit. A thin, three quarter sleeved cardigan will complete the clothing for this look. Keep jewelry to a minimum by wearing only earrings. Slip into flats that won’t steal the shine but will still contribute to the look, such as these.

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