Two words: California girl.  For a typical sunny day with a light breeze, this Fashionista had on the perfect outfit.  The trend of oversized sweaters on top tight tank tops and high-rise shorts is one that continues to be popular even months into summer.  The look is simple, trendy and most of all fit for any type of weather that these sporadic seasons throw at us.  These days, Fashionistas get so caught up in designer names.  I thought it was refreshing to find a Fashionista that had a more laid-back approach to her day out shopping.  Her acid-washed shorts looked adorable with the beige sweater and other neutral colors of her apparel.  From the style icon she mentioned to her blonde hair, this Fashionista captured all-American beach style in a nutshell.

Name: Devon Mulholland

Major: Athletic Training

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Who’s your fashion icon?

Devon Mulholland: I always like to look at Blake Lively. 

CF: Where do you do most of your shopping?

DM: Probably Urban Outfitters or Free People. Other than that, I go to a few designer stores like True Religion.  But mostly just Nordstrom and places like that.

CF: What is your favorite accessory?

DM: Usually rings. Also earrings. I like light jewelery that’s not too heavy. And I like simple looks.

CF: What do you like about fashion?

DM: I like dressing cute.  Having a cute outfit on and going out just feels good. 

How To: Since this outfit is so simple and laid-back, it is easy to accomplish a similar look.  For a sweater like this one and for basically all other typical California girl looks, Brandy Melville is the place to go.  This sweater is perfect because it goes with anything for any occasion.  For high-rise shorts, check out Urban Outfitters and their endless array of colors and patterns.  Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been a staple for summer outfits.  To get your own, check out these.

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