When I saw this Fashionista last week sporting red, white and blue before July 4th, I immediately thought of Charming Charlie’s motto: red, white and fabulous. We all dress up for the major holidays, so in honor of the late Independence day I thought I’d paid ode to how one Fashionista on our UCF campus dressed for the holiday.

Name: Erin Carson

Major: Hospitality Event Management

Year: Senior

Collegefashionista: What are you wearing?

Erin Carson: Black rain boots from Groupon—great deal. A loose “American Flag” tank top and silver backpack from Victoria’s Secret PINK, red hot pants from Forever 21, a bracelet from the beach, a ring from Premier and a necklace from my brother.
CF: Describe your style.
EC: I have many different looks. Sometimes, I’ll look like a southern girl with my boots, other days very sporty with my Nike/yoga attire and other days whatever is “in” at the time.
CF: What is one fashion or beauty item you are looking to incorporate into your closet? 
EC: I’ve recently been searching for the right shade of lipstick. I wore a bright red recently but [I] think it’s time to switch it up!
CF: It looks like you dressed for the Fourth of July. That being said, what is your favorite holiday to dress up for? What is your least favorite? And why? 
EC: St. Patrick’s day is my absolute favorite! I love the color green and I’m as Irish as a girl can get. I don’t really care for Christmas outfits. I end up thinking too much about it wondering, “Should I go green, red, white, gold, or am I being ridiculous?”
CF: What is the best advice someone has given you to looking your very best?
EC: Luckily, I never had a bad sense of style so I’ve always been told my outfits are great. I strive for comfort, classiness and [being] approachable. 

How To: We shop for certain pieces to accent common celebrations such as the big V-day or Thanksgiving, but a huge element in accomplishing this task without looking like a catastrophe is balancing color. Here’s a reminder many Fashionistas/os overlook in the hopes to achieve the perfect outfit: next time you shop for a holiday outfit, keep in mind that simplicity is key. Do what this Fashionista did—contrast. Find the major holiday colors but incorporate accessories that don’t overplay the ensemble.

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