Ladies, all the sweat and hard work from the gym this year was worth it. Because, this summer everyone is talking about crop tops. Reward yourself by showing off those toned abdominal muscles. These tops can be paired up with skirts, high-waisted shorts, jeans or leggings. They are so versatile. They can also easily cross over from a day look to an outfit for the night.

This Fashionista isn’t wearing your typical solid colored crop top. Hers is a polka-dot chambray top that easily matches this white cotton skirt. Keeping her look simple for this sunny day, she’s ready to enjoy a nice walk in the park.

Name: Esraa Omer

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology/Education

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your sense of style?

Esraa Omer: I recently started getting into fashion and the different trends this season. My usual go to outfits would be a nice chiffon top and jeans. However, this summer I am dedicating a lot of time to changing up my wardrobe. Anything with bold prints, patterns or colors are on my shopping list. It’s time for me to bring some life to my closet. 

CF: What have you recently purchased to build up your wardrobe so far?

EO: Last week, I went shopping for shoes. You can never have too many. I was especially looking for everyday shoes so I bought about five pairs. They ranged from pointy-toe flats to cute wedges. 

CF: Is your style influenced by any celebrities?

EO: I think the media has a strong influence on what everyone wears. I wouldn’t say that there is one celebrity in particular that affects my personal style. However, I would say that for most of my friends celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce or even Kim Kardashian reflect in their styles and wardrobe.

CF: What trend do you like so far from summer 2013?

EO: I am definitely a fan of crop tops this summer. I’ve been hitting the gym and I am excited to show off the progress I have been making. 

CF: What are your “go to” stores?

EO: I shop at many different stores. When I’m in a rush and I need an outfit for the night, I always stop by Forever 21, H&M or American Apparel. These stores never disappoint. I can always find something cute and trendy at an affordable price.

How To: You can purchase your own crop top at just about any store. Check out American Apparel first. This store is know for its basics, but definitely notable for its great quality in crop tops and bodysuits. They come in so many different colors and patterns. Find one that fits the style you are going for.

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