Summer has a way of lifting us out of our spring fever by moving us into a more relaxed pace. As school settles down and we begin our summer of fun, our once frenzied pace is turned into a lulled, calm one as the temperatures rise. As I was meandering around Schenectady’s Central Park, I spotted this Fashionista in a picturesque rose garden, where her outfit was just as vibrant as the roses!

Name: Grace Nealon

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How do you incorporate color into your outfits?

Grace Nealon: I try to stick with no more than two colors at a time. I like simple things. I saw how sunny out it was out today so I wanted to wear orange. I wanted to kind of match the weather I suppose.

CF: How do you think your time at school has affected your style?

GN: Before I went to Hartwick, I wore a uniform every day since kindergarten. The transition into freshman year was more about piecing together an outfit just to look presentable enough to get out the door. Once I became more familiar with style, I started to dress it up. I’ve always worn skirts and I found I could incorporate my private school roots in a new way by pairing a skirt with boots.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends this season?

GN: I have an obsession with gold jewelry. Lately, I have been looking at Marc Jacobs and DKNY watches because I love the work they are doing with rose gold. Feminine colors have always caught my eye. This season, I have been mixing the color blush with denim. I think it is amazing to have soft colors paired with androgynous pieces or fabrics. It’s a good balance of being girly but having a little bit of edge.

How To: With her skull scarf reminiscent of Alexander McQueen, the master of mixing a feminine aesthetic with an edgy twist, this Fashionista is a bright vision of femininity during the summertime. This season, you can see this fine intermingling of girly and edgy styles in a number of places. You can pair it into your everyday wardrobe by wearing headbands with studs or a light and delicate color, such as blush, and pair that with a denim vest or leather skirt.

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