Accessories can make or break an outfit. During the summer, accessories are usually limited to different types of jewelry and handbags. However, there is one accessory that is entirely underrated during the spring and summer months: scarves. Summer scarves are an unusual addition to an outfit that is not used to its full potential. They can add just a bit of color or pattern, add a casual vibe or add a hint of character. This Fashionista takes the leap with this statement accessory in bold, neon green. It adds the perfect amount of color to this stylish outfit.

Name: Grayson Honeycutt

Year: Junior

Major: Exercise Science

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite accessory?

Grayson Honeycutt: My Nixon gold watch. It helps finish any outfit and goes with everything!

CF: In what ways would you style a summer scarf?

GH: A summer scarf can go with anything from a flowy sundress or maxi to shorts and a tube top.

CF: What are your favorite colors for this season?

GH: Corals, tans and turquoise for the summer.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

GH: From the environment around me, like the beach, and new ideas from fashion blogs.

CF: On what occasions would you wear this outfit?

GH: I’d wear this outfit to go get lunch or dinner with friends.

How to: Many stores sell summer scarves and there are generally amazing sales and deals featuring this accessory. Francesca’s carries scarves in eye-catching animal print and Talbots carries some that are perfect for Independence Day. If you are looking for a solid color like this Fashionista, Belk carries some at a reasonably low price.

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