Polka-dots go all the way back to the beginning of fashion. It’s hard to put a spin on such a classic print, but nonetheless, designers experiment to find new ways to present age-old trends. Between dresses, blouses and headbands, the polka-dot gets reinvented every season with a twist that makes it seem brand new. I noticed this Fashionista because of her ability to keep the polka-dot modern, fresh and summery, brightening up even the dreariest summer day.

Name: Janine Henley

Major: Psychology/Education

Year: 2013

College Fashionista: Where do you get fashion inspiration?

Janine Henley: I like looking at sites like Pinterest and Polyvore for what to do with the clothes I have already. I also like to experiment with things I’ve seen when I travel so that I am not restricted to the styles of one place.

CF: What is your favorite accessory?

JH: It’s a tie between headbands and necklaces. The necklace I am wearing now is my favorite because it goes with pretty much everything. When it comes to headbands, I like that you can change a whole outfit by simply adding different patterns and textures with something so basic as a circle of fabric.

CF: How has your style evolved since you came to college?

JH: I learned to stop wearing uncomfortable outfits just to look good. There are too many options that are fashionable, but still comfortable to sacrifice that.

CF: What is a piece of advice for aspiring Fashionistas/os?

JH: Keep it basic. Accessories are key to making the same clothes look different from day to day. Also, when you buy clothes that are easy to mix and match, you end up with a lot more outfits.

How To: Make polka-dots your own this summer by incorporating them into a multitude of outfits. Find polka-dotted accessories, such as hair bows and shoes, to add life to a neutral look. A polka-dot skater dress is flattering for every figure. Finish the look with some sandals, your favorite sunglasses and either a top knot or french braid to keep your hair back in the heat. Polka-dot leggings are another great option for the cooler summer nights out downtown, or just for lounging around the house with some tea!

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