Fashionistas have recently become obsessed with the idea of ‘normcore,’ a sort of neutral uniform. To reject normcore, some fashionistas have begun wearing wild, artistic outfits that border on ridiculous. This Fashionista says ‘no’ to normcore in a much more chic and realistic way. She turns to classic prep with a girly twist, stylishly stating that she dresses like an individual without having to wear a costume.

Name: Jen Anderson

Major: Journalism

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Jen Anderson: I am very feminine and preppy. I go for softer colors and materials that make me feel innocent and fresh. I like to think that even though my style is very innocent looking in nature, I work well at incorporating accessories that make my outfits more sophisticated (like my vintage clock necklace above).

CF: What is your go-to outfit?

JA: Although I, like most people, can fall victim to the whole leggings and sweatshirt fall back, my absolute favorite go-to lazy outfit is a white tshirt, boyfriend jeans, and my biker boots or boat shoes. This outfit can be accessorized if I have enough time, but it is cute and chic on its own as well.

CF: Speaking of spring, what trends are you looking forward to most?

JA: This spring, I really want to experiment with longer skirts. The runways have been full of midi to maxi length skirts for spring and in the past few seasons. I love the idea of flowy skirts for the spring that aren’t too revealing–I think they’re perfect for the femininity and girliness of my style, especially in floral prints or with eyelets.

CF: Where do you find your style inspiration?

JA: I will forever take my inspiration from fashion magazines. I have an obsession with looking at the advertisements in magazines, because ads are full of such rich artistic fashion. I know this sounds weird, but I also like looking at how mannequins are paired on online shops and in stores.

How To: Start adding spring and preppy pieces back into your wardrobe! Instead of reaching for a leather skinny, grab a light-wash denim and turn up the cuffs. Say no to moto boots and dig out your flats as the weather gets warmer. Turn to light or bright hues and inject your wardrobe with a bit more color; try a Peter Pan collar if you feel ambitious. However you decide to style it, bringing back an actual style is the best way to turn away from normcore and turn towards the warm days ahead!

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