There are always those few summer days when wearing pants is acceptable. I spotted this week’s Fashionista in the perfect outfit for a summer day when the weather isn’t too hot. What attracted me to this Fashionista was her pants. They are very lightweight and loose fitted. These pants are definitely the pair of pants everyone should have for the warmer seasons. The pants also incorporate a pattern that is simply eye-catching. These pants can be mistaken for a maxi skirt if you don’t look closely since they are meant to be light and flowy. She decided to go simple and pair these pants with a black half sleeved T-shirt. Since her outfit consists of neutrals, she decided to complete the look with a neon statement necklace that adds a pop of color to her outfit. This is the perfect look for a day around town, or just add a pair of wedges for a night out!

Name: Juli Carignan

Major: Forensics Chemistry

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Juli Carignan: I am wearing a loose fitted pair of patterned pants from Brandy Melville, a simple black cotton T-shirt from Urban Outfitters and a statement necklace from J.Crew to complete the look.

CF: How would you describe your personal style? 

JC: I would describe my style as simple chic. I don’t like to try too hard with my outfits but I still like to be stylish. On a regular summer day I just wear a pair of shorts with a nice shirt. 

CF: Have you ever traveled to a place that has inspired your outfits? 

JC: I wouldn’t say that I have traveled anywhere that has particularly inspired my outfits, but going to college and seeing many different styles has been eye-opening. I will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain soon and I believe that this experience will be even more eye-opening. I am so excited and can’t wait to discover how people dress in Spain and delve into their different types of style. 

CF: What is your favorite summer must-have item? 

JC: Dresses! I am always on the hunt for buying new summer dresses. They are easy to wear and definitely my must have summer item. 

CF: What inspires your outfits?

JC: I am constantly on Pinterest so I would definitely say that Pinterest inspires my outfits and style. My friends also inspire my outfits! 

How To: Get this look by pairing a loose fitted pair of lightweight patterned pants with a simple top. Finish the look with a necklace that gives the outfit a pop of color. Try these Brandy Melville pants, this top from Urban Outfitters and a statement necklace from J.Crew.

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