As an admirer of alternative fashion myself, I get really excited when I can take a picture of a fabulous Fashionista. Her style is edgy and full of delicacy from the days of romanticism. The simple color scheme chosen is key to this outfit. Brown and burgundy are such sophisticated hues, making a Victorian-inspired outfit that is nothing short of exceptional.

Name: Juliana Salviano

Major: Arts

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does fashion represent you?

Juliana Salviano: Fashion is a visual expression of my personality and daily attitude.

CF: What is are some hardships that come with the upkeep of your personal style?

JS : Well, my love for the corset presents its long list of problems. Besides the fact that they are relatively expensive, the warm weather makes it so difficult for me! It takes a lot of willpower to dress in corsets and boots with makeup in the shining sun, but I will not let the weather dictate my fashion preferences.

CF: Where do you usually look for style inspiration?
JS: Hands down, my favorite styles comes from the  Victorian Era, and I have always admired the the pin-up girl look.
How To: This stunning outfit stands out due to its gorgeous accessories and refined color palette. To guarantee a great result for you, make sure to choose a beautiful underbust, or even an overbust model corset, like this by Agent Provocateur. You will feel secure wearing it and it goes perfectly over a burgundy top, like this one by Revolve Clothing, and a dark floral, like this one from Forever 21.

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