This Fashionista takes care of all the summertime simple staples: a flowy top, denim cut-offs, and playful sandals. She sets herself apart with an on-trend ombré hairstyle that demands attention (almost) as much as her laugh!

Name: Kara Naccarelli

Major: Economics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Your ombré hair is subtle but still noticeable; I love it! Has it changed your style at all?

Kara Naccarelli: Thank you! It took me a while to work up the courage to dye my hair, but I’ve always loved the ombré look. It’s kind of edgy, and I think it gives my hair a little personality. It was also a good choice for me because it’s really low maintenance (no roots!). I never thought about how the ombré look affected my style. I don’t think it has changed what I wear, but it definitely adds a little flavor to any outfit.

CF: The color-blocking on your sandals add flavor too. Do you find them easy to incorporate into outfits?

KN: I actually got these shoes at Target. I always take a look in the shoe section whenever I’m in there. They usually have some pretty cute stuff for a good price! I like that these shoes are pretty versatile. I can wear them out to dinner with friends or even to work. They go well with shorts or cropped jeans or even a dress. I wear them all the time!

CF: The patterned top and cut-offs are a perfect balance of dressy and casual. Do you often try to emulate this type of balance in your outfits?

KN: Well, I’m generally a pretty casual person so I usually stick to jeans or casual shorts of some kind. But then it’s fun to experiment with different tops. And honestly, I always prefer to be under dressed rather than overdressed when I go out, so this sort of look is usually a safe bet! Another way I try to strike this balance is with jewelry. I’ll wear a plain top or dress with a fun pendant necklace or big, dramatic earrings. Jewelry is probably my favorite thing to shop for because it’s a great way to express my personality while still keeping my look classy and understated.

CF: One item in your closet you couldn’t do without?

KN: Hmm that’s a tough one! I have this white 3/4 sleeve crop top that I love. I can
wear it with a skirt or shorts and it’s so comfortable. It’s very thin and
light, so it still works in the summer. I like it most because it’s the perfect
complement to patterned or brightly colored bottoms. 

How To: Try a patterned tie-front crop top with a pair of old denim cut-offs brought together with bold color-blocked sandals. To really channel this Fashionista’s signature style, try chalking the ends of your hair different colors. Don’t worry; it washes right out!


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