Sweaters are my favorite way to get through the cold Michigan weather. To look effortlessly chic and warm this December, jump into your favorite knit. This season’s best sweaters have leather accents like this Fashionista’s sweater. This week, the weather took a 360 on campus. Students can be seen on campus in their winter gear and favorite warm sweaters. When I spotted this Fashionista, she looked warm and comfortable in her leather-sleeved sweater and cute booties.

Name: Katie Baral

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Katie Baral:I’m wearing jeans by Blank NYC. They were purchased from a small boutique, but blank NYC is a great brand that can be found in almost any department store as well as on their online site. The sweater is splendid and can be found on Shopbop.

CF: Who is your favorite designer and why?

KB:I would have to say my favorite designer is Marc Jacobs. I think he has created more than a clothing line, but has invented an image. His new makeup line says a lot about the brand and about Marc Jacobs himself. He understands women and sees fashion as an art, and therefore each article of clothing he creates serves as one of his masterpieces. So not only do I love Marc Jacobs’s products, but I also think the man behind the brand is a creative genius.

CF: If you could go on a shopping spree to any store, which would it be and why?

KB: If I could go on one shopping spree I would have to say it would be to LF. While many people get overwhelmed by the amounts of clothing crammed into small corners of the store, I like the hunt. LF can often be a hit or miss type of store, but I admit I almost always manage to walk out with bags of clothing. They just have great basic tees and jeans intermixed with fun going-out tops and other edgy pieces. The sales people are also very helpful and love giving you ideas on how to pair different items to create new and different looks, making the atmosphere an overall enjoyable place to be.

CF: What are your three essentials for winter?

KB: Coming from California, I would have to say that two years ago I would have had no idea what winter essentials really meant. But having gone through one hard winter I would say my three must-haves to get you through those blizzards would have to be a great beanie, a cozy scarf and a sturdy pair of black boots. 

How To: Want to wear winter trends like this Fashionista? I would suggest starting with a comfy sweater. After selecting the perfect sweater, find a complementing infinity scarf to keep you warm and cozy. Top the look off with Sorrelboots. They have great traction in the snow and are stylish as well.

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