My two favorite combos: cheetah print and Lipstick. I immediately stopped this Fashionista on the streets of Chicago. The Fashionista casually wore a mini cheetah coat with blue jeans and sandals. The outfit was very simple yet it begged to be notice. The cheetah pattern and hot pink lipstick were hard to ignore. I love how this Fashionista took the fancy coat and turned it into something that could be worn to go grocery shopping. LITERALLY. This Fashionista was on her way to Whole Foods for some snacks to munch on while studying for an exam. Casually throwing on some sunglasses and a very cute shoulder bag she gave this outfit a fun and girly look. Learn more about her below!

Name: Katie O’Connor

Year: Senior

Major: Selling and Sales

CollegeFashionista: What made you choose this outfit?

Katie O’Connor: Well it has been pretty chilly outside and I wanted to look decent for my mother who came to visit me earlier to have lunch. I always have to look presentable around the parents!

CF: What’s your summer must-have?

KC: I always have to have my leather purse on me. I feel like it goes with everything I wear.

CF:  If you could go into any store and buy everything what store would it be?

KC: I would go to Urban Outfitters. I am obsessed with everything in there!

How To: The Fashionista had an assortment of amazing items in her outfit. Cheetah is a great pattern to mix and match with. This jacket from ASOS can also be worn to re-create the Fashionista’s classy look. These dark blue jeans from Topshop look comfy and will give the outfit a chic look. To top off the look I had to add some cheetah to give it a little edge. This bag from Zara will undeniably add some fun to the look.


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