“Theres a 30 percent chance it’s raining right now.” While some find this line from Mean Girls to be comical, I see it as a harsh reality. I don’t know what’s happening in the weather community these days, but it seems that lately this is the level of accuracy were receiving from our iPhone weather app.

Upon running into this Fashionista, I immediately took notice of how versatile her outfit was. She managed to turn a rainy day into a fantastic style opportunity. That right there, is the definition of a Fashionista.

Name: Kelly Budke

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Kelly Budke: I’m wearing a pair of old leggings, an off-white tank top by Lush, a green vest from Urban Outfitters and Hunter Boots.

CF: Who or what influences your style?

KB: I wouldn’t say anyone specific influences my style, but more so my mood. Today I was feeling lazy because of the ugly weather, so naturally I put on leggings and boots because it’s easy. I don’t like to look messy though, so I dressed up the outfit with the vest.

CF: Do you have any fashion staples?

KB: Any type of hair accessory. I’m constantly wearing a headband or a cool clip because I feel like a hair style can completely change the entire vibe of an outfit. 

CF: How does the fluctuation of the weather impact your outfit choices?

KB: Recently the weather here has been really unpredictable. You’ll wake up to a beautiful and brutally hot morning, only to get caught in what seems like a hurricane by early afternoon. To cope with this, I usually wear leggings, because I find them comfortable no matter what the weather. Then, I’ll wear a cotton type shirt or something that lets me stay cool. As for the rest, I usually leave an anorak or jacket and my rain boots in the trunk of my car so I’m never unprepared. It hasn’t failed me yet!

How To:  If you ever encounter a rainy day and aren’t down to slum it in your sorority anorak, wearing an outfit like this is your best bet. Pull out your most comfortable or water resistant pair of leggings and any white top. Layer the top with a cargo vest, easily attainable at Urban Outfitters. To finish the look just slip on any pair of black rain boots. With an outfit like this, you won’t find yourself dreading a rainy day nearly as much.

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