Summer is finally here meaning that we can enjoy temperatures in the 80s. One way to beat the heat, yet still remain fashionable is to wear a skater skirt, a comfortable top and to pile on the accessories. This Fashionista shows that you can brace warmer temperatures with style and grace and most importantly, fabulous hair to go along with it. The look this Fashionista is supporting is both comfortable and classy.

Name: Lachay Artis

Major: Political Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Lachay Artis: I would describe my style as chic with touches of urban trends.

CF: Where do you primarily shop?

LA: I tend to typically shop wherever I find great deals and fashionable pieces. Often I go to Forever 21, H&M and thrift stores. I also do a lot of online shopping.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet?

LA: My favorite item in my closet would have to be my leather harem pants.

CF: What will you be wearing a lot this summer?

LA: This summer, I will be wearing a lot of high-waisted shorts, printed headbands, maxi skirts and dresses and single sole heels.

How To: This look is easy to attain. First, find a basic top from your favorite store. Next, grab a leather skater skirt. If it gets too hot, I suggest choosing a skirt made out of a different material to spice it up or try a patterned skirt. This best part of this look is all of the accessories. You can add a belt to your waist, a chunky necklace or tons of arm candy. Lastly, don’t forget the shoes!

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