One of the many perks of living along the East Coast is being able to road trip to the beach. My favorite beach (Ocean City, Maryland) is only three hours away from home. The town is full of amazing boutiques as well as surf shops. While visiting one of my favorite stores, I noticed how this Fashionista accessorized her uniform. To learn how to spice up your required work attire, check out this Fashionista’s look.

Student: Laina Pisano

Major: Public Relations

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Laina Pisano: My personal style is a mix between preppy and hipster. Often times hipster clothing includes clothes from thrift shops and can be seen as a more “messy” style; however my motto is classy not trashy, so I try to tie in some preppy pieces as well so I still look put together.

CF: What is your favorite store and why?

LP: My favorite store is American Apparel. Not only do they have the cutest basic pieces that everyone needs, but everything is “sweatshop free” and made in America. For me, it’s good to know that the people that made my clothes are being paid fairly. .

CF: How would you describe your perfect summer outfit?

LP: My perfect summer outfit includes high-waisted patterned shorts (they have sunflowers on them), a white crop top, leather sandals and some dainty gold jewelry.

CF: Does working in a beach town influence your style? If so, please explain.

LP: Yes! Most of us are in bathing suits 24/7, but I always wear a cute cover-up. I am also obsessed with hats.  They work great to keep the constant sun off my face! I swap between my sun hat, my baseball caps or a beachy fedora.

CF: Do you have any advice for Fashionistas on a budget?

LP: I keep a list in my “notes” app on my iPhone of clothing/jewelry/shoes that I think I really need and would wear a lot. Then when I go shopping, I am on a mission to find those items, rather than just buying anything (and everything) I see! It helps me not blow a lot of money at a time!

How To: If you’re looking for a way to “spice up your look,” try adding stylish accessories. One of the most inexpensive accessories a girl can wear is nail polish. By matching nail polish with your outfit, it shows others how dedicated you are to accessorizing your outfit. Watches are also a great statement piece to wear with any outfit. If you live in a beach town like this Fashionista, wrap headbands are a perfect piece to own. Not only are they stylish, bust also keeps your hair I place and looking fabulous.

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