When the weekends roll around in the city, it is time to find little gems of escape. A frequent Sunday activity of city-dwellers is, of course, shopping. Instead of window–shopping along Fifth Ave amongst designer names, I ventured down to Brooklyn to see what artistic finds waited there. I found many Fashionistas with the same idea at the Brooklyn Flea, digging into the treasures and hand crafted items.

Among the endless tents, I spotted this Fashionista with a fresh vintage-inspired look. Originally from London, this Fashionista has a classic style that she updates with her own subtle beauty. This classic ‘80s-style dress, complete with shoulder pads, is a girly and sophisticated ensemble. A stunning woven hat polishes her outfit off. She mirrors Julia Roberts at the polo match in Pretty Woman. Completed by her clean light make-up, there is nothing more simple and beautiful.

Name: Linna Rading

Major: Art History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your closet?

Linna Rading: Classic with a twist.

CF: What do you look for at the Brooklyn Flea?

LR: Costume Jewelry!

CF: Do you think London or New York City has better fashion?

LR: London. Girls in London tend to mix it up more. They match high and low fashion together a lot.

How To: It’s time to start rummaging through parents’ closets and thrift stores! One classic piece from a previous decade is all you need to spice up current trends. For instance, these shoulder pads or a ’70s jumpsuit are great throw-backs to our parents’ days. Paired with modern cut sundresses or blocked heels you will have a timeless creation. To keep it sophisticated and shield yourself from the never ending sun, try oversized straw hats or perhaps a fedora! Either-way you’ll be making a statement. Lastly, a large tote is key when shopping on the weekends!

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