Life on campus is a breathtaking experience in which even the most ordinary outfits can turn into a beautiful expression of your personality. This Fashionista used her campus as the inspiration for her outfit.

Name: Mariana Periald

Major : Architecture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually look for style inspiration?

Mariana Periald: I search for inspiration from any Fashionistas/os that I come across. If a person’s sense of style is appealing to me, I look for a piece of clothing in my own wardrobe that best mimics the look, and make that aspect of my ensemble stand out. 

CF: What garment is an essential in your closet?

MP: Any piece that I can use to layer is a must-have for me. Vests and cardigans are just perfect! You can take them off if it’s too hot or put on if is too cold.

CF: Has campus style in general affected your personal taste?

MP: Yes, my style has evolved a lot. As I look at what my friends and classmates choose to wear, I see my fashion choices shifting towards “the norm.” It is good that we are all connected in this way, but I also think that we must strive to stand out and embrace our unique preferences.

How To: This outfit has a great color palette, and the hues allow the outfit to stand out in a modest way. To personalize this look, stick with the navy color scheme in your clothes, and choose garments that are subtle. A simple cardigan in a darker blue over a striped T-shirt, like this one from American Apparel, will guarantee a flawless creation. You can make it more comfortable by wearing moccasins, such as these by Zara.

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