While many people choose to beat the heat by hanging out in the air conditioning, others put on their outfit best suited for the weather and brave the humidity. This Fashionista has the right idea in her chiffon tank and high-waisted jean shorts. The sea green color of her top brings out her sun kissed skin while the triple button waist on her shorts show off her fun side. Her yellow over the shoulder bag has brown embellishments that match her brown gladiators perfectly. Each piece adds a little something to the outfit as a whole allowing her to be comfortable when the temperature is near 100-degrees.

Name: Melanie Gold

Major: Trumpet Performance

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little bit about your “keep cool” outfit.

Melanie Gold: It’s easy, breathable and comfortable. No one wants to be miserable in the heat but if you pick the right things to wear it really isn’t all that bad. Plus, we can’t all be in an air-conditioned room throughout the day so why not at least pick things you like to wear when the weather is a bit too hot.

CF: What do you like most about your outfit?  

MG: The bag. It matches the weather – bright and sunny yellow!

CF: If you had to pick your favorite season to dress for what would it be?

MG: Summer. It is easy to slip something on that looks fashionable but still keeps you cool. I love high-waisted shorts because they allow you to be stylish on the bottom if your top is a little bit plain. They go with anything.

CF: What is some advice you would give to people dressing for this weather?

MG: Do what I do! Maybe pick one of your favorite tops and pair it with something that will keep you cool on the bottom and vice versa. Then pick fun accessories that will bring out the outfit. Everyone loves a great bag or maybe even a lightweight scarf.

How To: Don’t want to bring a personal fan around? Looking for an easy outfit to combat a sweaty situation? Urban Outfitters has inexpensive, cute tanks perfect to keep cool in. J Brand makes great high-waisted shorts to spice up your look. Add this Mulberry satchel and you’re ready for fun in the sun.

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