I know we love to wear colorful outfits for summer, but lately, it has been so hot that it seems like the only option we have besides booty shorts is to wear dresses. Short and neutral dresses to be exact. This Fashionista is pairing two of her favorite things to wear, lace and dresses, to make the perfect combination for her summer outfit.

Name: Nan Shen

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Nan Shen: I am wearing a white patterned dress from H&M.

CF: What do you wear when you’re in a rush to class?

NS: I just slip on some jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. No jewelry. Most of the time I don’t remember.

CF: What’s your favorite thing to wear?

NS: Dresses. I just love them!

CF: What is an absolute must in your closet?

NS: Jeans – skinny colorful jeans. They fit me so much better than the average jeans don’t know why.

CF: Where do you usually shop?

NS: Well I don’t really keep track, but anywhere in the mall from H&M to Forever 21 – a lot of online shopping as well. Anywhere that’s affordable and provides clothes for our generation. I’ll shop there.

How To: How can you wear stylish clothes while surviving this heat? Follow this Fashionista and pair your favorite things together. If you love lace and shorts, just wear lace shorts. They’re very stylish and can go with many different things to stay on trend this summer.

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