Never underestimate the power of neutral colors.  Pairing shades of brown with black, this Fashionista pulled off an outfit that looked risky without overdoing it.  She had just left a job interview and was walking downtown when I spotted her.  I thought it was wonderful that she could pull off an outfit in two completely different settings and look great in both.  Her leather shoes added a vintage component to the rest of the outfit, which was very laid-back yet professional.  Her knit bag went perfectly with the rest of the clothing, its braided hemp giving the elegant-looking leather at its opening a casual look.  The rustic buckle and miniature heel on the shoes were stylish and tasteful for her day of traveling.

Name: Rebecca Ruiz

Major: Chinese Medicine

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Rebecca Ruiz: I wear whatever feels comfortable.  I don’t look at anything specific for inspiration. I just like wearing what I feel good in.

CF: What are some of your favorite brands to wear?

RR: For shoes, I like Pikolinos.  Other than that, I don’t really follow brands.  I just like whatever is comfortable and makes me feel good and confident.  I mostly just like basics, though.

CF: What’s a favorite accessory that you wear?

RR: I actually just took it off because I had a job interview, but it’s a necklace that my boyfriend gave me.  It’s a little copper penny with an Indian on it.

CF: What do you like about fashion?

RR: I really think fashion is about what’s comfortable.  Also, what looks good for each individual’s body type, not necessarily what’s in style.

How To: To get the look of this basic top, check out American Apparel, famous for their endless number of basics. Shirts like this are perfect for pairing with skirts and pants. This pencil skirt was perfect for the Fashionista’s interview.  For a formal skirt for an interview or other dressy occasion, you do not need to spend the big bucks to look great.  H&M has this black pencil skirt that is not pricy and can be paired with tops in pretty much any color. Lastly, this Fashionista recommended Pikolinos for shoes.  To get your own pair of Pikolinos, look at this beautiful pair.  These would go well with a casual skirt for a summer day.

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