Whether you’ve been partying hard or studying hard, the weekend leaves most winded. Before you know it Monday’s knocking on your door and that 8 a.m. class is dragging you out of bed. It’s no cakewalk breaking the comatose for concentration. In addition, being stylish let alone getting dressed takes a surprising amount of effort on these days. For that reason I was very impressed this past Monday, the day I ran into this week’s Fashionista. Evident through her outfit, the back to school blues weren’t weighing on her styling ability. Her choice to pair this stars and stripes forever crop top with an onyx pleated maxi skirt was an excellent one. The midriff bearing shirt has strutted its way back into mainstream fashion since its prime in the ‘90s. Teamed with this trendy skirt, a polished vibe radiates making me mistake my most dreaded day of the week for a much more pleasant one.

Name: Sabethsa Davilmar
Major: Preclinical Health Sciences
Year: Freshman
CollegeFashionista: How do you maintain style in a rush? 
Sabethsa Davilmar: Powder my face, eyeliner, red lipstick; as long as my face is cute I put anything on and make sure it matches.
CF: Which designers inspire your style?
SD: The Kardashians.
CF: What factors draw you to the Kardashians’ line?
SD: It’s cute and fits my curves. It’s not too revealing and not too expensive.
CF: Are you a fan of any fashion blogs?
SD: No, but I find inspiration from people I follow on Instagram, like Janelle Monae. I love her style.
CF: As part of the first herd of freshmen (UCF ‘17) for the school year, do you have any advice for those starting in the fall?
SD: Don’t wear heels! Be comfortable, cute and casual.
How To: Though the top hailing from the Nirvana-era has been seen on numerous runways from high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu, you can find college budget friendly alternatives from stores like Papaya and Missguided. There’s a wide array of prints and solid colored cropped shirts to choose from if stripes aren’t your preferred design. Your maxi skirt options are copious too. Sport one with a slit. Try out a lively color with wide pleats or a neutral color with thin and vice versa. Maybe you’d rather raise the hem a bit and go for a midi-skirt. When considering footwear, keep in mind the shoes you choose will dictate the overall style of your look. If you want a punk edge, try boots like these Dr. Martens. For an anti-punk, preppy direction  check out smoking slippers or loafers. If neither style resonates with you, you can always stay summer-y and wear sandals.

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