As our boots crunch through the leaves when we’re walking to class, there are things on our minds besides just school. Like warm lattes, falling leaves, tights and scarves. It’s amazing how IU’s campus turns into a crisp runway for us to show off our favorite fall outfits. This Fashionista’s outfit definitely embodies the fall season with her adorable pink scarf, brown ankle boots and tights.

Name: Sara Dallavale

Major: Italian Lanague and Literature

Year: Third year Master’s Student

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Sara Dallavale: I’m wearing a long sleeve dress, tights and a cardigan from Italy. My ankle boots are from Urban Outfitters and my bracelet is from Cactus Flower. My scarf is actually from my mom but she bought it from Conbipel which is an Italian store.

CF: What is your inspiration for your outfit today?

SD: The fall season.

CF: Can you describe your typical style?

SD: I usually try to keep my outfits as casual as possible. But I always try to give importance to my accessories. If you’re wearing an outfit, don’t forget that accessories can completely change the look of your outfit. I also don’t really like mixing colors. I tend to make the colors in my outfits match.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

SD: I’m a huge fan of Zara and I usually buy my clothing from there. So I’m usually looking through their look books. Their company’s style really influences me.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends?

SD: I love ankle boots and I like wearing fall dresses. But I really love a nice sweater paired with some comfortable jeans for the fall. 

How To: You don’t have browse Italian shopping sites or fly all the way to Italy to replicate this Fashionista’s style. To style your own fashionable fall outfit, just pair a cardigan with your favorite fall dress. But don’t forget the essential pieces of your outfit for this fall like a cute infinity scarf, a pair of tights and a pair of ankle boots. Last but not least, individualize your outfit by accessorizing in your own way!

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