Headpieces, print dresses and covered feet, this Fashionista looks as if she stepped right off the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring ’13 show. Throw on a brightly hued sash and Jacobs would be proud. He was definitely on to something though because with summer blazing and fashion as an expression of creativity, this hybrid street look provides practicality with style and not to mention a fun and flirty attitude to roll it all in.

Name: Sarah Leon

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What/who are you wearing?

Sarah Leon: I’m wearing a dress from T.J.Maxx, a vest that I borrowed from a friend but never returned and shoes from Urban Outfitters. My headband and bracelet belonged to my mother.

CF: What are your favorite summer accessories?

SL: My favorite summer accessories have definitely been scarves, ribbons and bandanas to pull your hair up in. They’re so cute and add so much style to any outfit without trying. Plus they keep your hair out of your face which helps since it’s so ridiculously hot out this summer.

CF: I see you rocking sneakers with dresses. So are sneaker wedges a yes, no or sometimes?

SL: Most definitely a yes! But it really depends on how you wear them. They’re so edgy that I think they look great paired with a simple outfit so that the shoes get all the attention.

CF: What was the most embarrassing trend you ever followed?

SL: Hmm, that’s a good question. Probably the dress over jeans looks. That was so long ago and didn’t stay in style for too long, thank goodness. I’ve only committed that crime once or twice but now that I look back on it, it was horrendous.

CF: What’s your best style tip to others?

SL: The best tip I can offer is to dress to impress you and no one else. If you don’t feel beautiful then you won’t be able to portray your beauty to others. If it’s in style but you hate it don’t wear it. Find something else that suits you and that you truly love because even if it’s a risky outfit or even if it’s not in style, if you wear it with confidence you’re bound to look amazing.

How To: Prints, prints and more prints! Keep it simple or go for outrageous, but start off with a bright fun dress like this Trina Turk number. Go for some closed-toed action with either cute sneakers or calf or knee length socks with some Mary Janes. Wrap it all up with another printed headscarf or bandanna like this beauty. Make sure to shoot a smirk with every step and you’re all set to go.

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