The middle of October is often when students begin studying hard for the dreadful midterm exams. This Fashionista must firmly believe the phrase, “Dress well, test well!” Her outfit is proof that keeping things classic and comfortable can still set you ahead of the game when it comes to looking fashionable. Her top has an amazing print that pops against her dark skinny jeans and navy blue cardigan. She pushes the envelope by adding a statement necklace with a similar color scheme with the addition of some magenta and teal. Her classic gold Sperry Top-Siders give her look an appropriately preppy finish.

Name: Sarah Stoesz

Year: Sophomore

Major: Exploratory Business and Journalism

CollegeFashionista: If you could only choose one word to describe your style, what would that word be?

SS: Preppy. I like to stick with the classic and timeless pieces but add my own modern twist.

CF: What outside factors inspire your style beyond your own natural preferences?

SS: I worked at Banana Republic last summer, and that’s where I really started to realize what I wanted my style to resemble. I got a lot of inspiration from the clothes we sold. I also read magazines to get new ideas and visions for different outfits I want to try. My favorites are InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar.

CF: Now that the weather is cooling down, what is your advice for staying warm and stylish at the same time?

SS: I would definitely advise layering! I wear a lot of cardigans during the fall and winter months. Peacoats are also a favorite of mine. They are adorable.

CF: How would you respond to a college student that says they don’t dress up for class because it “takes too much effort?”

SS: Actually, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me I try too hard to look presentable for class. You can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time! I think that wearing a soft cardigan and a scarf is just as comfortable as wearing yoga pants.

How To: Fall is in the air, and cardigans are plentiful. They come in every color imaginable, and let you wear your summer tanks and t-shirts throughout the fall season. Cardigans are comfortable and functional. Steal this Fashionista’s look by snatching a silk top with a fall-appropriate pattern that will create an interesting visual appeal against your plain cardigan. Statement necklaces continue to be all the rage, and they draw attention to your neckline and face. Boat shoes, like her Sperry Top-Siders are popular among college students. They are extremely comfortable and a good close-toed shoe for cooler weather. Create this look in your own fashion and rock those midterm exams in style!

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