For many July is the point in summer where you couldn’t tell someone what day of the week it is, even if your life depended on it. When the days start to become a daze, it’s time to set aside the sundresses and whip out the comfy clothes. For the average person, dressing comfy can pose as a threat to their style. But for a Fashionista, it serves as an opportunity to make a good look out of her favorite pair of leggings.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to class. It was refreshing to see someone wearing something other than spandex and a frat tank. Her style was lazy-chic, something we should all aspire to be if we’re trying to pull off the cozy look.

Name: Steffi Maiman

Major: Engineering

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Steffi Maiman: I’m wearing black leggings, a gray and black muscle tank from Brandy Melville and brown combat boots.

CF: Where would you normally wear this?

SF: I’d probably wear this to class or just to hang out during the day.

CF: How would you describe your style?

SF: It’s pretty simple. I like to wear solid colors most of the time. During the day you’ll find me in an outfit like this, and at night I’ll usually wear a little black dress.

CF: What would you do to dress up this look for a night event?

SF: For a nighttime look I’d wear heals, a cool clutch and colored lipstick. I would also maybe pair a cool jacket with it depending on the weather.

How To: Chances are you have the stuff in your closet to put this look together. If you’re feeling casual, just grab a pair of your favorite leggings and match them with any muscle tank top depending on your personal style. Pair this outfit with some combat boots and you’re set.

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