Since there is a large range of Fashionistas/os on campus, it is important to always be inspired. I asked this Fashionista how she remains encouraged to try out new trends and experiment with fashion. She said all of her classmates, who represent a wide variety of styles, make her never want to give up on being creative with her clothing, even when her daily routine gets stressful. She added that music and art help her to express herself through fashion as well.

Name: Tamiris de Almeida

Major: Architecture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where does your daily style inspiration come from?

Tamiris de Almeida: Music always inspires me because all of the different genres mark different styles. I try to stay open-minded with fashion because I don’t want my daily looks to get boring.

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet?

TA: My black Converse, which I have had for ten years now are my absolute favorites.

CF: How does life on campus inspire your style?

TA: Because I study at a Fine Arts school, it is evident that student thoroughly embrace their style preferences. The majority of students showcase their personality through clothing.

How To: This Fashionista kept it simple and to-the-point with her printed dress. For a similar look, try one like this from Forever 21 and pair it with a white Converse, a comfortable classic that are a practical choice for busy days on campus. Her glasses are a great statement piece as well, the round structure adds an edge to her ensemble. You can experiment this pair from NASTY GAL.

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