You know you have this classic and timeless piece hanging in your closet: the little black dress. But, did you know that this dress could be so versatile? That you could actually wear your dress to class? When paired with the right pieces you can dress this dress down for a casual look to class. This Fashionista shows how you can perfectly do this by pairing her dress with a colorful cardigan and boots. She effortlessly creates a perfect casual yet fashionable outfit for class.

Name: Taylor Gram

Major: Biotechnology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Taylor Gram: I’m wearing a dress from H&M and a cardigan from PacSun. My boots are from Target and my legwarmers are from Wet Seal.

CF: What was your inspiration for this outfit?

TG: I wanted to wear something cute but comfortable to class.

CF: How would you describe your typical style?

TG: I generally like classic looks. But I usually throw on an extra accent piece that’s simple but fun to bring attention to what I’m wearing.

CF: Who’s style do you like the most?

TG: I love Mila Kunis’ style. It’s simple, but edgy. 

CF: What is a piece in your closet that you can’t live without?

TG: My boots!

CF: What are some trends you love on Indiana University’s campus this semester? 

TG: I love yoga pants. They’re incredibility comfortable. 

CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

TG: H&M is a great place to shop. I also like to shop at Target.

How to: We know everyone loves to be comfortable but trendy when they walk into their lecture. It’s super simple to replicate this look! Pair your classic black dress with some tights, legwarmers, a pair of combat boots and then individualize your outfit! You can choose from so many options! You can choose to mimic this Fashionista’s look with a cute fringed cardigan or you can pair this outfit with something of your own. Try combining this simple black dress with different types of jackets or a plaid shirt. The possibilities are endless when you’re wearing a classic black dress!

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