On a college campus, there is often one common denominator among the outfits of students. That commonality is comfort. This fall, get that A+ in both style and school! This Fashionista shows us that it is possible to stay trendy and comfortable at the same time.

Name: Taylor Powell

Year: Sophomore

Major: Recording Industry Studies and Journalism

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

Taylor Powell: I still get a lot of ideas from fashion magazines. In fact, I used to write for one. I also find inspiration in what other people wear. I look at my peers’ outfits and repeat the styles I like with my own spin on them. After all, fashion repeats itself!

CF: What store do you shop at the most?

TP: Definitely Forever 21. The clothes actually last pretty long if you take care of them, and the prices can’t be beat! I’m also getting better at thrifting, I love vintage.

CF: What is a trend that’s a little out of your comfort zone but you want to start rocking?

TP: I can’t wait to buy a faux leather high-waisted mini this fall. I think they look amazing with vintage tanks, graphic V-necks and preppy collared shirts. I love the high socks trend that’s coming back. It really adds that extra bit of class to any outfit.

CF: If you could give a Fashionista/o in college any advice for keeping up with the trends while saving money, what would you say?

TP: Teach yourself to budget! That’s what I had to do. I like to scope out a store’s website before going shopping and making a list of what I plan to buy. I would much rather go into a store than shop online, but that’s just me. Also, remember that things always go on sale! Don’t be afraid to wait until the item you’re dying to have hits the sale rack.

How To: It’s fall, and that means one thing – sweater weather! If you were a fan of the crop top this summer, you’re in luck because this season brings us the newest trend of cropped sweaters. This Fashionista’s tan knit is cropped at just the right length to show off her high-waisted floral skirt. Sweaters can literally be paired with anything including leggings, skinny jeans, skirts and even shorts. Even better, a sweater is the ultimate comfort piece for fall. She incorporated the on-the-rise metallics into her look with an amazing pair of silver metallic combat boots and high black socks. Her hair bow makes her average bun look super cute and girly. Bun wire ties are extremely popular this fall and can transform your bun from drab to fab! It’s all about rocking your own personal flair this fall. How will you choose to stand out?  

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