As they say, inspiration comes in many forms. For this Fashionista, that statement is especially true. Finding inspiration from a beloved ’80s sitcom may not be everyone’s modus operandi, but it is hers. And upon second glance at the outfits on the show, I can see how one would draw a unique sense of style from avidly watching The Cosby Show.

Name: Valerie Mirelez

Year: Senior

Major: Vocal Performance

CollegeFashionista:  Who is your style idol?

Valerie Mirelez: I look to The Cosby Show for fashion inspiration, particularly Clair and Denise Huxtable. I really like the colors and silhouettes the stylists on the show chose. The combinations are unusual and form a definitive, creative style.

CF:  What is your style must-have for summer?

VM: My must-have for summer is a good pair of shorts. Medium length, high-waisted. You can wear them a billion different ways, and you get a good leg tan.

CF:  Do you think the summer heat impedes your sense of fashion?

VM: Well, fall is my favorite because I love jackets, but summer opens up the opportunity to express a different side of your personality.

CF: When it comes to shopping, new or used?

VM: Used. It’s cheap, unique and I feel like it is less wasteful than buying everything new. It also makes it easy to transition into new styles without spending an entire paycheck or feeling too attached to old pieces.

How To: If you are not as fond of the ’80s as this Fashionista is, there are still tasteful ways to incorporate the era into your outfit. Try, for example, some statement jewelry! Gold accents are a great way to bring warmth to an outfit and include an element from the past at the same time.

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