After what seemed like years of unusually cold and rainy weather in Paris, both the sun and the temperatures are soaring now that vacation season has officially kicked in. With many Parisians having already left for their tropical getaways, the streets are sparse with people and the city’s usual vibrancy is gone. Luckily, this Fashionista opted to stay in the city, where I spotted her walking on the streets of Montparnasse with her oversized T-shirt and her gorgeous brown satchel.

The T-shirt complements her petite frame well, which billowed in the wind as she stood in her skinny jeans. Her outfit is simple yet chic, channeling a model-off-duty look like those worn by Cara Delevigne and Joan Smalls. Overall, it’s an exquisite combination of comfort and style that’s perfect for a relaxing day during one’s vacation.

Name: Vanessa Keo

Year: Junior

Major: Merchandising

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Vanessa Keo: It depends. My style changes according to my mood, so it’s hard to say. Still, if I had to say something about it then I’d say that my style is generally pretty casual.

CF: Where do you like to go shopping for clothes?

VK: Oh, the usual—Zara, Mango and other high street fashion boutiques. I also love shopping at Morgan, which is where I’m currently working during the summer. They have the cutest clothes!

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

VK: I mostly get inspired by reading magazines and watching television. I don’t have any specific style icons, but I do look to celebrities for fashion tips and tricks.

CF: Now that vacation season has started, how do Parisians dress for the summer?

VK: Though it’s hard to speak for everyone, I’d say that people are dressing more casually and “carelessly” now. I mean, why be bothered to be perfectly made up when it’s so warm outside? It’s hard to be elegant when the weather’s this nice!

How To: For this Fashionista’s simple and breezy look, opt for an oversized white T-shirt with a feminine silhouette (you want to look clean and polished, not like a slob who just threw on whatever T-shirt she had). Pair that with a pair of well-fitting skinny jeans and some strappy sandals. Accessorize with a standout leather satchel or tote. Voila, an easy yet chic look for the summer.

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