Being a girl is honestly so much fun. Since we’re being honest here, a lot of people on campus become judgmental when a girl walks into class fully dressed in a stylish outfit with both hair and makeup done. However, I admire those few people in my classes who take the time to dress up and this Fashionista is one of them. Whether it’s because they’re morning people or they love getting ready, I think it’s admirable and more people should do it.

There’s something about the shade nude that can make a girl feel classy, feminine and sexy all in the same time. This Fashionista incorporates nude in her shirt and flats but adds a pop of color with her necklace and vibrant skirt. She used a great balance of color to spice up what could potentially have been a bland look for a perfect sophisticated, girly summer outfit.

Name: Vani Becerra

Major: Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

VB: I consider myself girly with a twist. I love how fashion changes so the twist comes from me trying one new trend every season.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

VB: I love H&M, J.Crew and Forever 21 but most of my most prized possessions come from antique stores. H&M has a bit of an edge and it gives my outfits a little bit of extra umph. J.Crew has classic girly prints which act as great neutrals. I have gotten most of my jewelry and other accessories from antique stores because I know for a fact that no one else will have them. 

CF: What is your favorite season for fashion?

VB: I absolutely love the fall, I have an obsession with scarves and boots!

CF: Who is a fashion inspiration?

VB: Carlinn, she is a Cape Town, South African blogger. Her style is classy with a bit of an edge. She has lived in many places and has been able to incorporate different styles into one.

CF: What is one of your favorite summer trends?

VB: I absolutely love statement necklaces, they complete any outfit.

How To: Bubble necklaces have been very popular ever since J.Crew introduced them, but Charlotte Russe has a similar necklace in different colors for a much cheaper price. Try a bright or floral mini or midi skirt that really captures feminine summer trends. Try this nude top from Anthropologie that has lace to make it even more feminine!

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