The sun hat is a sunshine state staple. It’s a necessity to any native of our grounds. As your eyes can see, this Fashionista is no exception. Her woven crown plays dual roles as a shield from the sun and a source of chic summer flare. It’s casual but commanding, a few steps short of being a Kentucky Derby all-star (can we admit the hats create more buzz than the actual race?). As the cherry on top of this summer white and electric pink ensemble, I think you readers will be surprised to find out where she got her stylish shade.

Name: Vicki League

Major: English Literature

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Vicki League: I’m not really into fashion designers that much; I kind of just shop around and pick whatever I like. This hat is actually my great grandma’s hat.

CF: Are hats your favorite accessory?

VL:  No, the hat is a new thing. I like earrings and rings. 

CF: Speaking of favorites, are there any summer trends you’ve been addicted to?

VL: Not sweating a lot: shorts, tank tops and bandeaus.

CF: If I gave you $5,000 to shop in any one store, which would you choose?

VL: I would shop at Discount Dance because dancewear’s expensive.

CF:  Is there a specific style you stick to within dancewear?

VL: Well, I dance mostly ballet so it’s a leotard and a skirt pretty much. Pretty leotards with lace on them, I like lace.

CF: As a sophomore do you feel your style this second round differs from the first year?

VL: I’m a little more casual now. Actually no, I guess I’m kind of a mix of casual and dressier than I used to be. In high school I was like, “Yeah, whatever I don’t care at all.” But here I can dress up and look nice. No one thinks it’s weird so I can do either.

How To: To steal this Fashionista’s style, look for shorts that grab your attention like bright or neon hues. A sleeveless blouse or button-down tank will leave you looking sharp yet summer-y. Hunt down fun cut-outs in these tops for an interesting twist. I loved that this Fashionista avoided the popular T-strap sandal and went with a braided look instead. To also avoid yawns towards your own feet, find a similar pair or even take it to new heights with a wedge. Finally, the hat. I advise to buy one that is simple and versatile. Following this will allow you to change up the hat whenever you please by tying scaves around it (like this Fashionsita) or adding brooches to fit whatever your desired look is for the day.

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