Like most people, I have a problem admitting when I am wrong. I always hold out as long as possible because there is nothing worse to me than my sister saying, “Told you so.”

For so long I stuck to the philosophy that a person should only wear one, maybe two, trends at a time. But when I came across this Fashionista, she quickly put me in my place about my misconception on layering trends. Her maxi skirt, while being the perfect proportion for fall, also incorporated nautical stripes. The balance between her sheer top and lace bralette allowed for an appropriate amount of skin to peek through. She also successful executed the mixing and matching of patterns by keeping each piece within the same color family. To top it all off, she showcased several must have accessories for fall: the statement ring, cross body bag, and western inspired belt.

Listing out all these trends, one would assume this Fashionista would look over the top and complex. However, in the end, all the elements came together to create a cohesive, simple look. She flawlessly hit so many key trends for fall in a single outfit- I couldn’t help but be impressed. This is my public acknowledgement that I was mistaken and I would like to thank this Fashionista of the Week for teaching me a thing or two (or three) about layering trends.

Hint: Fashionistos- check out her friend’s take on several of trends for fall: denim on denim, nerd-chic glasses (love SEE Eyewear), and the reintroduction of the backpack. Don’t be shy and pile on trends to create a truly of the moment look.

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