This Fashionista and Fashionisto give a whole new meaning to power couple. They embody the essence of preppy and look as if they just jumped out of a J.Crew catalogue. Both Jacqueline and Matthew seem to be influenced by each others style, meshing them into one style sensation you will definitely want to get a glimpse of. These two nerds-turned-chic do not let their time-consuming majors bring down their fashion sense. Matthew embraces his inner geek with his stylish wayfarer glasses and pen in pocket always ready for that next equation. Jacqueline shows that she’s eager for fall with her suede black booties but not ready to give up her jean jacket, a summer staple.

Name: Jacqueline Ng
Major: Business/Economics
Year: Sophomore

Name: Matthew Nguyen
Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would each of you describe the others style?
Jacqueline Ng: He’s very preppy and put together. He reads GQ a lot so I’m sure that influences his style. He’s just classic and preppy.
Matthew Nguyen: I think she’s also very preppy, but she integrates a lot of styles like minimalism and modernism that makes her appear well articulated yet casual. She has the perfect mix of high fashion and classiness with minimal effort.

CF: What is your all-time favorite piece of clothing that you own?
JN: My black eyelet dress because I can dress it up and dress it down with the right accessories.
MN: My light blue button down Hollister shirt because I can wear it with a suit or casually with sandals.

CF: What trends are you dying to try for fall?
JN: I like the equestrian trend that’s coming this fall, so I’m excited to try riding boots and blazers.
MN: Are there trends for guys? But, I guess I would want to dress more European and wear suits everyday and not feel out of place.

CF: What are your favorite wallet-friendly stores?
JN: H&M and the sale section at J.Crew.
MN: H&M and Hollister.

How To: To get Jacqueline’s look, a statement floral dress is a must paired with a jean jacket in a vintage wash. Finish off the look with booties to show off a little bit of skin to give you that extra flare. To imitate Matthew’s outfit, start off with a button-down in a light color such as mint, light blue, or white. For the bottoms, try a slim-fitting khaki in grey and roll at the ankles to get that european influence. Glasses add a personal touch to the look, so find a pair that is going to be unique and interesting to you. Draw out the summer just a little bit longer and end the look with casual leather sandals.

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