It's back to school for us on the Upper West Side. While we are thankfully beyond learning our 123s here at Columbia University, it’s sometimes fun to go over our fashion ABC's. When I spotted this trendy Fashionista near the iconic Columbia gates on her way to class, I couldn’t help but notice her brilliant “C” ensemble: a crochet and cat-eye look. It was a remix of the classic school-girl outfit with her funky crochet tights, winter white crochet tank and studded blazer on top. She also put on a spin on the quintessential “geek chic” glasses with her frames tilted up in a cat-eye shape. I noted the Fashionista’s immense emphasis on detail when I saw that she was rocking a cat-eye look on her eyes as well.

This Fashionista highlights an important style dogma that we sometimes forget: the school-girl look is amendable, with endless possibilities. Sure, Britney Spears in “Hit Me Baby One More Time” may be the all-time school-girl legend, but in New York, we should always aim for morestyle sophistication.   

Name: Rebecca Cohen

Major: Art History

College and Class Year: Barnard 2014

CollegeFashionista:  With New York's cold weather, how do you manage to stay warm without losing style?

Rebecca Cohen: It's all about layering to stay warm! I love putting sweaters over collared shirts, even adding a blazer over it. It's easy to be comfortable and stay warm when you bundle yourself up in cozy clothing.

CF:  If you could go through one person's closet such as a celebrity, a family member, or friend, whose would it be?

RC: Nothing is as great as your mother’s wardrobe. Beside it being a convenient way to get more clothing, when digging through your mother's closet you can rediscover a whole new way to wear her clothing.

CF:  When you are feeling fabulous, what article of clothing do you gravitate towards?

RC: I have a pair of bell-bottom jeans that always do the trick. A loose fitting pair of jeans is an easy way to look put-together and still stay comfortable and casual around campus.

CF:  Which would be your dream show to attend at fashion week and why?

RC: If I had the chance to go to any show at fashion week I’d definitely want to go see Alexandar Wang. His chic line demonstrates how he is constantly creating ways to present women fashion in innovative and practical ways.

CF:  What was your last, best fashion purchase?

RC: While I was downtown last week I stumbled upon a great piece of jewelry on the street. It’s a chunky, hot pink leather bracelet that wraps around your arm. Its bold, bright color and studded top adds to any outfit. It is a sure showstopper.

How To: Begin with a basic collared white or black shirt or even a fun tank as pictured here. Layer that starterpiece with an interesting blazer, one with studs, elbow patches or even detai lon the breast-pocket or collar. Feel free to mix in a cool scarf or any accessory that would complement the look. For your lower-body, go for a pair of colored, knit or crochet tights with either black shorts or leather ones. If you are feeling flirty, go with a black skirt, but make sure it doesn’t distract from the rest of the outfit. To keep your feet warm in this cold winter weather, I suggest going for a cool pair of booties, or ankle boots.

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