To wrap up this week, I couldn't think of anything better then to spotlight this fashionable twosome trotting around campus. This stylish duo showed us just how much friends can influence one another.

Today's pair posed the question-who wears the pants? Typically you would expect the Fashionisto to don bottoms while the Fashionista would wear a skirt or some interpretation of a feminine piece. That is certainly not the case for this set of friends and I couldn't be more pleased by the alternative direction this CollegeFashionista/o went for when choosing their clothing.

The Fashionisto on the left went for an uber-stylish geek chic look; rocking dark rimmed glasses, short shorts and a textured cream cardigan jacket. He showed a bit more leg then the typical college male and fiercely dominated the sidewalk when I spotted him.

The Fashionista on the right was drawing inspiration from the androgynous look by acting as the darker half to her friend. Dipped in navy harem pants, a moto-black leather coat and vintage boots, she had the grunge looked nailed to a T.

Grab your stylish companion this weekend and show the world just how good it is when things come in pairs.

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