I don't know if it's this Fashionista's facial expression, peculiar stance, or fact that she is storming the streets without a bag that drew me to her. Sometimes it's the simplest of outfit that makes the greatest impact and that's exactly how I felt after spotting today's Fashionista of the Week.

Alexa Chung is noted for wearing masculine, minimalist outfits that usually stay in the black and white color palette. Today's Fashionista's wardrobe choice mimicked the classic vibe that Chung commonly creates. Having that favorite pair of black jeans and trustworthy white top can usually steer you clear of a wardrobe crisis.

When asked what key pieces I believe every college student should have in their wardrobe, the very top of my list reads: 1. white shirt and 2. black pants. Create interpretations of these pieces and find ones that work on your body. No two Fashionistas bodies are the same. Skinny jeans, wide-leg trousers, ankle pants. Find the fit that flatters you the most.

While you may prefer a white T-shirt, your roommate may firmly believe in a white button down as her go-to white top. Whatever your choice, this weekend make your wardrobe more simplistic. Let the stress of your classes be the only major concern by paring down your wardrobe to the basics.

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