Today's Fashionista of the Week earned her title through a series of obvious style choices. At first glance her look appeared to be sloppy and casually thrown together. But after re-evaluating these photographs, you can tell there was definitely thought put into each article she is wearing.

The Sartorialist educated us a couple weeks back about the power of a shorter sleeve. While he was referring to men's jackets, in particular, this comment has strongly resonated with me. Today's Fashionista's outfit brought me back to Scott Schuman's comment through her use of a shorter sleeved jacket. No, this jacket isn't a blazer but the concept of letting the hemline of your sleeves up is present. Due to cooler weather, this Fashionista layered underneath her jacket with an additional knit sweater. It's apparent that she took color into consideration when getting dressed as well. She drew attention to her bold striped jacket by placing a deep hued blue sweater underneath to really let her jacket pop.

Her light trainers and natural hued scarf play into my discussion yesterday on the influence of white this season.

Overall, this Fashionista was hard not to spot amongst a sea of people. She played with proportions, dabbled in color and brought originally to the streets.

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