As a street style blogger, my day can be made by finding the ideal subject to photograph. Some days I can walk block after block after block without a single inspirational person passing by. Other times, I feel like the paparazzi snapping a photograph every two seconds. Today's Fashionista was one of those rare gems I spotted in a sea of youthful students hanging out on a Saturday afternoon in a park. While most students seemed to have been more concerned with catching rays than their fashion choices; this beauty didn't let neglect her style.

She wore a floral blouse tied with a knot to show her abs in a subtle, classy way. Staying within the same color family but venturing out with patterns, this Fashionista sported a flared mini striped skirt. Thanks to the fashionable finds of Topshop and ASOS, this Fashionista stuck to a budget but looked like a million bucks.

As you head out the door this Saturday with a relaxed attitude, don't let your carefree mood extend too much into your outfit choices. This Fashionista clearly put thought into looking killer on the weekend as should you!

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