There is something magical about shooting sartorial shots right after a major rainstorm, especially in summer. Here in New York City it can go from scorching hot to a massive downpour back to intense heat in a single afternoon. Dressing for this unpredictable weather is crucial and today's Fashionista did just that.

I spotted this Fashionista right after a rain shower. While her outfit was a basic gray maxi dress with a T-shirt overlay, there was something more in her approach to the stormy weather that made this look Fashionista worthy. To avoid dragging the bottom of her dress in rain puddles she hiked up the excessive amount of material in a knot while walking aimlessly through a park. With a simple knot, the outfit became not only more functional, but also turned a basic ensemble on its head. This is also a great trick for those shorter Fashionistas, where maxi dresses drag even when wearing a 4 inch flatform.

When checking the weekly forecast, plan accordingly. Cuff your favorite trousers, throw a loose T over a dress, or, like today's Fashionista, tie up the bottom of a maxi dress. This small change may bring new life into your everyday look and will (hopefully) keep your dry! 

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