This is always a tough part of the year for any Fashionista. You have made most of your back to school purchases and now you have the wait until the weather turns to wear them.

This Fashionista of the Week gave into the urge and started sporting her autumn duds already. A leather coat is a wardrobe staple for any college student. The cut of this Fashionista’s jacket was a unique spin on this everyday basic. Her worn in riding boots look vintage, which give some edge over a pair straight out of the box. Try using sandpaper to break in your own boots to give dimension to an otherwise ordinary pair. Perhaps what I love most about this Fashionista’s ensemble is her leather backpack. Backpacks are back in a big way this fall and this Fashionista’s bag is both functional and fashion-forward. All in all, this Fashionista looks eager and ready to head back to campus.

This weekend, dip into your own back to school wardrobe. It allows you to get enjoyment out of your new garments as well as gives a sneak peak to your friends on your fashionable wardrobe for fall.

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