With the weekend right around the corner, I have turned towards the all-American look and today's athletic Fashionista for my own wardrobe inspiration. As a completely unathletic girl (unless you count yoga and power shopping as a sport), I never owned sports jackets or was apart of a sports team. Girly dresses reigned my closet and I would pout if I spilled on anything. Things have changed and my fashion seems to have evolved from girly to, dare I say, sporty.

While at the time I didn't appreciate wanting to wear varsity letters across my back or understand the prestige that came with that; now I am longing for a vintage jacket that sports my highschool logo. Dorky, I know right?

Today's Fashionista embodies this throwback look and adds her own feminine flair to this rather masculine attire. She appears to have stolen her boyfriend's varisty jacket and paired it with a short, denim dress showing just the right amount of skin. Adding pink knee-high socks and studded boots, this Fashionista is a modern-day hipster and jock all in one. 

If you happen to be traveling home soon, scour through your closet for your or your sibling’s old varsity jacket. It looks like your fashion choices in high school might actually be cool again.

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